Thai Sang Thai recommends methods for dismantling and discarding the announcement of NCPO orders to take effect immediately.

Thai Sang Thai Party Recommend the government The method for dismantling the announcement of NCPO orders to take effect immediately is by enacting an emergency decree. And various laws or announcements that are outdated or obsolete should be repealed. From past coups to the present To create a good image for the country

Mr. Thakorn Tanthasit, Secretary-General of the Thai Sang Thai Party as a member of the House of Representatives Referring to the case of the Cabinet Has ordered the abolition of approximately 178 various committees established by NCPO orders which announced the orders Some bills can be repealed, but others have legal status and must go through the parliamentary process. He therefore has suggestions for action as follows:

1) Due to announcements and orders of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) which has the same status as an Act according to law. Therefore, if the announcements and orders of the NCPO are to be repealed, a law of equivalent importance must be enacted, that is, it must be enacted only as an Act. But there is another method that can be carried out with the legal status equivalent to an Act, which is to enact an Emergency Decree (Royal Decree) instead. The Royal Decree will be issued by the government and will be effective in Immediately from the date of announcement in the Royal Gazette and the government can bring The said Emergency Decree can be submitted for approval to a meeting of the House of Representatives or Senate or a meeting of the National Assembly, as the case may be, at a later date.

2) The said Royal Decree must be enacted to prevent waste this time. and should repeal laws or announcements that are outdated or obsolete and are further obstacles to national development. which many announcements or laws have been issued since the revolution or coup era, both during the period of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, and Admiral Songad Chaloyu, etc., combined together, which will have a beneficial effect on Definitely acting in a good image of the government in this matter.

3) He understands that in this matter, the Kao Kao Party has proposed drafting a bill to repeal announcements or orders of the NCPO at the previous parliamentary meeting. But it was not approved by the parliamentary meeting. Therefore, if the current government will take action By enacting an emergency decree instead, he expects that the government may receive approval from opposition parties that will support and push forward in this matter.

4) On behalf of the Thai Sang Thai Party, Dr. Phokin Phonkul has studied this matter before. There are no less than 200 laws that are backward and an obstacle to national development. Their enforcement must be delayed. In order for the country to move forward and develop quickly, and if additional announcements or orders from the NCPO are counted, there should be 300 of them.

On behalf of the Thai Sang Thai Party We are ready to support the enactment of this Royal Decree. Because it will be beneficial to the people and the country as a whole. The Thai Sang Thai Party has clearly announced its position. We will not be in opposition. to object in every matter or use rhetoric that creates division and hatred among the people If the government intends to work with honesty and sincerity We are ready to support in working to drive forward the country's various agendas to achieve further success.

Source: Thai News Agency

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