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Thai female volleyball player Practice on the real competition field

Thai women's volleyball team Practice to adapt to the real competition field. Before going to the 2024 Olympic Games qualifying round, the first game will be against Germany on September 16.

“Urgent Coach” Danai Sriwacharamethakul Head coach of the Thai women's volleyball team leads the team of Thai women's volleyball players. The squad for the 2024 Olympic Games qualifying round will practice in Woodz. Poland By morning local time Have athletes come out to walk and stretch their legs. which is not far from the hotel There is a wide area to surround yourself with and exercise your body. Ready to receive fresh air Then in the afternoon, "Coach Urgent" led Thai female hitters. Practice at the actual competition field Emphasis is placed on allowing the athletes to adapt to the field conditions, with "Coach Urgent" saying that the field is quite large. There's a lot of light coming in. But there is still time for athletes to adjust. Both about field conditions and the weather in Woodz, where temperatures are dropping

“Pure” Atcharaporn Kongyot, a Thai female hitter, said that today she has adjusted to the field conditions. Everyone is ready to do their best in this program. Ready to leave Thai volleyball fans sending encouragement and cheering as usual.

For the women's volleyball battle Olympic Games 2024 qualifying round, the Thai women's team will take the field to meet Germany on September 16 at 7:30 p.m.

Source: Thai News Agency