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Thai Court Conditionally Approves Constitutional Amendment

BANGKOK, Mar 12 (NNN-TNA) – Thai’s Constitutional Court, yesterday endorsed constitutional amendment bids, launched by Members of Parliament, on condition that public referendums be held twice.

• The court delivered the judgment that, legislators in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, have the authority and duty to amend the constitution.

• However, the court called for a nationwide referendum, to see if most people will endorse varied motions towards the constitutional amendment in the first place, and then to see if most people will finally approve an amended charter.

• Given the first public referendum in favour of the amendment, a Constitution Drafting Committee, consisting of legislators and others, will be set up for the initial tasks of amending the charter.

• Then, the second public referendum will be conducted to either endorse or reject the amended charter.

• The Palang Pracharath Party-led coalition government, and Pheu Thai Party-led opposition bloc, have separately put forward motions to amend the 2017 constitution, to the extent that the charter be “more democratic and less complicated.”

• Meanwhile, a royal decree was issued on Wednesday, for the opening of extraordinary parliamentary sessions, beginning on Mar 17, so that the constitutional amendment issue will be deliberated.– NNN-TNA

Source: NAM News Network