Taiwanese businessman opening safe Found a lot of counterfeit banknotes

Bangkok, Taiwanese businessman's safe deposit box opened. After being murdered in a luxury hotel in the Bangna area Found lots of counterfeit dollar bills.

The case of a Taiwanese man being murdered at a hotel in Soi Udomsuk 17, Sukhumvit 103. Police later arrested two foreign assailants, namely Myanmar nationals. And there are still two Cameroonians remaining who still need to be arrested and prosecuted. Latest developments: Police Major General Witawat Chinkam, Commander of Metropolitan Police Region 5, along with Police Major General Theeradej Thammasutee, Investigation Commander. The Metropolitan Police Bureau came to Bangna Police Station to open a safe and found counterfeit dollar bills. Along with green and black paper cut to the size of a banknote. and other equipment that is believed to be equipment for counterfeiting banknotes.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased also came to observe the opening of the safe. But denied it in an interview with the media. Which is currently in the process of giving a statement to the investigating officer.

As for tomorrow The relatives of the deceased will contact to receive the deceased's body for a religious ceremony at Bang Na Nok Temple. before taking the bones back to Taiwan

Police Major General Witawat Chinkam, commander of Metropolitan Police District 5, revealed that Today, both safes were able to be opened, with counterfeit money found in the first one. There are a lot of US dollars. And also found white and black paper. By cutting it to be the same size as a counterfeit banknote. But the texture of the counterfeit banknotes They are quite different from real banknotes. After this, the banknote receiver will be brought in to calculate how many counterfeit banknotes there are and their value. The other was an empty safe. which has such characteristics It is similar to the Black Money gang, so it is assumed that the deceased may be related to this gang. But still haven't eliminated any issues.

However, it is necessary to arrest the other two suspects who are on the run first. To be more clear In the meantime, the investigative team is in the process of tracking down and arresting the suspects for prosecution. And from the investigation it is known that A Thai woman is still hiding within the country.

while the sister of the deceased Give evidence to the investigating officer that It was never known how so many counterfeit bills ended up in his brother's safe. Therefore, he wants the police to track down and arrest all the criminals. In addition, he wants the police to find and return the missing phones and tablets of the deceased.

Source: Thai News Agency