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Swedish tourist charged for making false bomb threat

Security officials at Suvarnabhumi International Airport yesterday evacuated 140 passengers from Bangkok Airways' Flight PG 145 to Samui yesterday after a Swedish tourist told an air hostess that his carry-on baggage could explode if she didn't arrange a room on overhead compartment space for him.

The threat by the Swedish tourist was quickly alerted to the captain by the air hostess and later to the airport's security centre.

The Flight PG 145 which was scheduled to take off from the airport at 1.45pm yesterday to Koh Samui was then aborted, under the airport's bomb threat response plan.

Threat risk assessment was jointly discussed by security officials and the airline and they agreed to apply the Bomb Threat on Aircraft procedure

The aircraft was then directed to the isolated parking area where all the 140 passengers and crew were evacuated.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officials then went on board to check.

The check lasted over two hours and no bomb was found.

The airport later cancelled the bomb threat alert at 5.50pm.

The Swedish tourist was then escorted to Suvarnabhumi police station for questioning.

He denied having talked about explosion of his baggage with the hostess but admitted that he had drunk a bottle of beer before boarding the plane.

He said he was about to attend a wedding party of a friend in Samui.

He denied making the bomb threat but an air hostess earlier said the man asked her to arrange a room in the overhead compartment space for his baggage and asked her to do quickly as it could explode.

She then alerted the incident to the captain under the bomb threat response rule.

Police said the Swedish entered the country on April 28.

He is charged with the giving of false information that had created fear among passengers on the plane.

He was allowed to contact the Swedish Embassy for help while Bangkok Airways also is prepared to file legal action against him for compensation after the flight was delayed.

The flight took off at 6.45pm to Samui.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)