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Suvarnabhumi airport tightens safety watch

Security personnel at Suvarnabhumi airport have been ordered to tighten safety inspection after a female foreigner managed to climb over the structural framing of the wall amid the eyes of a hundred of airport authorities, police and passengers yesterday(Dec 13).

The incident took authorities almost two hours to desperately convince her to climb down.

Finally she fell down, possibly from being exhausted, to the life net which was deployed in case she fell to the ground.

The order by the airport was to make sure there will be no repeating of such climbing of the structural steel of the airport's roof.

The incident happened at level 4 of the passenger terminal.

A foreign woman, aged 25-30 and believed to be European, was seen climbing and dangling over the structural framing.

She was seen climbed from cable to cable from the fourth floor to the sixth floor, 20 metres above the ground.

Security guards were alerted and came to the scene, shouting for her to climb down.

But she didn't listen and kept climbing the structural framing.

It was after almost two hours that she stayed on the metal structure with her legs hanging from the frame and swinging as if she was an experienced acrobat amid pleas from authorities.

Finally she fell down but managed to grab another frame with her hands and shortly afterwards falling into the hanging life net.

She was then rushed to a hospital, where she was in a safe condition.

Authorities still could not identify her nationality but said she has a tattoo on the back which reads Olympic 2014.

Airport authorities said earlier at 3.00am she was spotted walking on the expressway on Rama IV by expressway authorities and was later taken to tourist police at Suvarnabhumi airport.

They are contacting relevant authorities to try to identify the woman and speak to her.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)