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Supercar importer to sue DSI for damages to his business

A luxury car importer says he will sue the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) for 50 million baht compensation after searching his two showrooms without court's warrants and impounding all his 34 supercars.

In addition, the importer is considering to petition the prime minister over the DSI's action which he said was an abuse of power.

At the press conference to counter the DSI's claim that the vehicles displayed at two showrooms on Ratchadapisek and Ekkamai either stolen or evaded tax, Mr Inthrasak Tetch-tirasiri or Boy Unity, managing director of STT Auto Car and STT Auto Services, said he would file a 50-million baht damage suit against the DSI for business damages after DSI officials blocked entrances to his two showrooms without court's warrants, forcing his showrooms business to close down for three weeks.

They just accused his company illegally imported these supercars.

Such action which he said was an abuse of power has badly his company's reputation and tarnished his credibility.

Although he had told them all his vehicles were legitimately and legally imported through all customs procedures and showed them all official documents, they didn't listen, and just said some of these cars were stolen from the UK, and their declared prices were lower than actual prices.

He stated that his cars were correctly taxed in accordance with the rules of the Customs Department and the documents attest to the fact that none of his cars were on the list of stolen vehicles.

He showed an example of the tax calculations for the McLaren sports car, saying the price is according to those stated by the UKs AutoCar Magazine multiplied by 328% which is then multiplied by the exchange rate.

It amounted to 31 million baht in grey-market price.

He affirmed that these calculations are according to the Customs Departments No. 371 guideline.

The calculated tax amount is 14 million baht and yet they are saying that this is not an accurate amount and is undervalued, he said.

He said his company didn't undervalue it, it was in accordance with the customs guidelines and he had adhered to them.

He said other importers have also complied with this rule.

He went on saying that as for their claims that taxes on other cars besides supercars were also undervalued, he said he could give other example of the Toyota Alphard MPV. His company used the same guidelines to compute taxes.

He said,if this is incorrect then every single importer is wrong. If the problem lies in the system, then they must make corrections to their valuation systems and not blame us or our clients.

With regards to the allegation that some of hus cars may have been stolen and smuggled into the country, he assured that he had alldocumentation for the media and everyone to see.

He said he would like to ask the authorities what right they have to make such claims that these cars were stolen.

He said the company has contacted the British Consulate through his attorney documents and are waiting for them to be sent to him.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)