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Study: Music can help fight vs cancer

Recent study reveals that music can help those who are undergoing treatment for cancer, according to Headlines and Global News. Through music, scientist say patient can feel that their quality of life is improving and they feel less anxious about this situation. A recent study, published at the Cochrane Library and conducted by Philadelphia's Drexel University, revealed that more than 3000 patients benefited from music therapy, feeing much less fatigue and anxiety. Some patients also noted falling blood pressure and respiratory rates after they listened to different kinds of music such as folk, country, jazz, classical and other genres.

The lead author of the study, Joke Bradt, revealed that through regular music therapy, patients can lower their need for analgesics and anesthetics. Patients also noticed a considerably reduced recovery time and hospitalization.

However, more studies are needed to conclusively prove music's role in treatment and betterment of cancer patients. Bradt recommended that the hospitals and health care centers can consider using music therapy as a part of treatment for cancer patients.