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State universal health care service wins people’s confidence of its quality

Thailand's universal health care programme has won popularity and confidence with latest survey revealing the majority of Thai people were happy and satisfied with the service.

The survey showed the health care service scored 8.73 points from a scale of 10 on satisfaction.

The survey was released by the National Health Security Office upon calling on a review and assessment of the country's universal health care programme.

National Health Security Office chairman Piyasakol Sakulstttayathorn said that the 2016 survey showed that approximately 91% of Thais have used the service so far.

But more importantly, it showed that around 78% of Thais understand that the universal health care service is their basic right under the country's law.

Upon satisfaction of the service, it received a surprisingly high score, eight 8.73 points from 10.

This reflects the quality of the services provided thus far has gained the confidence of users of the service.

He said this also served as morale boost for the healthcare and social workers who have been at the forefront of the healthcare system.

But he said that the survey also highlighted further improvements which the National Health Security Office and its affiliates have taken note.

He added that the office now is planning for a full review to address the necessary improvements while assuring the services continue to be better, fair, fast.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)