Southern turbulence, 1 dead, 2 injured

Explosives Disposal and Explosives Disposal Team investigates the incident of a bomb and repeated shooting on the streets of Hulukunong Village. It was found that the pickup truck was hit by porous shrapnel. The driver died at the steering wheel. and two others were injured.

Police from Narathiwat Police Station will instruct Narathiwat Province with their explosives disposal and disposal kits to investigate the incident of the bombing and repeated shooting on the streets of Hulu Kunong Village. Yesterday evening, a 50cm deep, 1m wide hole was found containing the debris of an improvised explosive device assembled by the assailants in a 20kg picnic gas tank ignited by batteries. An electric wire was dragged 100 meters into a dense forest. Nearby, a pick-up truck was hit by a porous shrapnel. and found the M.16 shell casing of the villain

Check the deceased, namely Mr. Den, 62 years old, hit by shrapnel in the face. Died at the wheel of a car Rangers officers cleared the area. and taken to the hospital to advise Two others were injured, officials believe. It is the work of a group of members who commit violence.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency