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Soft drink branch manager apprehended after bank robbery in Nan

A lone robber staged a daring bank robbery at the Government Saving Bank branch at Nara supermarket in Nan province and escaped with almost 300,000 baht in cash.

But the armed robber was apprehended shortly afterwards by two Samaritans as he was trying to speed off in a motorcycle.

The robber was later identified as Narit Amatyasak, 40, a branch manager of a soft drink company in Nan.

Narit admitted to the bank robbery saying he was heavily in debt after suffering over 3 million baht loss in doing a business.

He said he planned the robbery three days before by making survey the branch, and robbed the bank at 1.30 pm yesterday when there was few clients.

Police said the robber covered license plate of his motorcycle with stickers before riding into the market's parking space.

The two Samaritans said they heard the bank staff shouting for help and chasing the robber holding a baton in his hand.

They then chased the robber in a motorcycle.

As he rode near, the robber showed a 38 revolver with threat to keep off.

But the two Samaritans managed to kick the robber's motorcycle onto the ground, and successfully apprehended him, and seized his handgun.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)