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Social Security Workers’ Network Thanks Permanent Secretary for Reform

On 22 February 2017 at 11.00, Mr. Manas Kosol, Chairman of the Social Security Workers' Network and members, the For.Fun Dental Promotion network and groups of social security activities, met with Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Putrik Smiti to submit a letter of appreciation for reforming the social security system and its dental benefits. The improved benefits prevent insurers from paying in advance and permits an increased allowance from 600 to 900 Baht.

The network reported that obstacles still exist such as existing benefits allow insurers to avoid advanced payments for tooth fillings, extraction and cleaning only, but does not include implants, to which the network asked the Permanent Secretary to consider. The network representatives also asked for consideration of the reimbursement period to be extended from 20.00 to 0.00 everyday, to support patients requiring immediate attention. They also proposed that hospitals in the network have signage regarding dental benefits to allow patients to make necessary decisions before treatment, as well as reimbursement upon actual necessary expenses, to which the Ministry of Labour will consider further.

Source: Ministry of Labour