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Six drone flyers to face legal prosecution

The Royal Thai Air Force says six drone flyers will be prosecuted for violating official ban on drone flying in restricted areas during the Royal Cremation ceremonies from October 25-29.

Spokesman the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Air Vice Marshal Pongsak Semachai, also deputy director general of the ATRF's Civil Affairs Department, said the Department of Civil Aviation has earlier imposed ban on drone flying in a 19-kilometre perimeter around Grand Palace, Sanam Luang and the Royal Crematorium, and a 9-kilometre perimeter around all Royal Crematorium replicas in the country for the sake of safety and peace and order during the royal ceremonies.

He said most drone flyers have given good cooperation to the authorities and have given useful information of those violators to authorities that led to investigation and finding of these violators.

The spokesman said all information of these violators have been handed over to the Department of Civil Aviation since Monday (November 13) so that legal prosecution will be taken against them.

The RTAF intends to see that also drones flown by state officials on official purposes and by private organizations and individuals strictly abide by the laws and to refrain from violating the rights of others and from disclosing restricted national security areas, particularly in the 9-kilometre perimeter from the airports.

He urged the public to notify authorities if anyone is seen to be flying drones in the said restricted areas around the airports.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)