Singing the POD. Being pre-ordered by the admin of the sword model Gundam.

May 19 – Singing the POD. Got hit by "Admin Ai" Pre-Order Gundam model and draw a sword and borrow other models to walk around the temple, selling more than 6 hundred thousand baht damage.

At 1:00 p.m. today (May 19), more than 10 victims traveled to meet with investigators at the ECD, reporting complaints after pre-ordering the product. "Model Gundam" with Mr. Oey and his girlfriend, who is the admin of the Facebook page called "Gundum Market Gundam Trading", but evaded delivery. and some have already received the product But found out later that "Mr. Ae" the perpetrator borrowed the victim's goods and did not return them. claiming to pay for damages But in the end, he deflected and could not be contacted. Initially, 10 victims were found, with a total damage value of over 600,000 baht.

Mr. Pom, the victim, said that he was an admin in the Gundum market group, Gundam Trading, with more than 70,000 followers. Previously, he had 3 Sazabi Gundam models before Mr. Oey, the perpetrator, came to contact and borrow 2 models as an admin of the page. and knew each other already, so he lent it and came to know later that Mr. Selling the aforementioned model for 125,000 baht each, but the victim who bought it did not receive the money. Including members who ordered pre-orders did not receive the products they ordered. I found out later that Mr. Aey took the loaned model to walk around to deceive many others after the incident posted a warning within the group.

Mr. Knot, one of the victims Reflected on the news team that In January 2023, he pre-ordered 2 Sazabi and Nai Oey Gundam models at a price of almost 200,000 baht, which are scheduled to be received at the end of February. But after receiving the product, in March, Mr. Ae contacted the victim again. to borrow one product model to another customer Claiming to give 10,000 baht for wasting time with trust The victim then brought the model to But when it's due to return Nai Ae did not bring the product. and deflect Until finally unable to contact

As for the other victim, he informed the pre-order since January 2023 by transferring a deposit of 50,000 baht, but in the end, you were due to send the product back and did not receive the item. therefore grouped together and filed a complaint through the Crime Suppression Division to help track

Most recently, all victims said that they could still contact Mr. Oey. But Mr. Aey deflected and did not send the product, did not return the money until 2 months ago, expecting that there may not be a real product. Initially, a group of 10 victims were found, both pre-ordered and did not receive the product. and borrowed goods to resell but did not pay The damage value is more than 6 hundred thousand baht, confirming that the prosecution will be made to the end. will not tolerate decisiveness

Initially, investigators from the ECD interrogate the victims in order to collect evidence for further legal action. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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