Separate red and yellow lists of influential people

Deputy Minister of Interior orders every province to separate the red and yellow lists of influential people. Request time for staff to work Ready to be fair Confirming that no one can intervene, joking, "Who will come bigger than me?"

Mr. Chada Thaiseth, Deputy Minister of Interior Revealing the progress of registering influential people in areas throughout the country that after the Prime Minister ordered At this time, a committee has been appointed to investigate. with Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. is the president and he is the vice president The Permanent Secretary of the relevant ministry is a member of the committee. They will first compile a list of influential people across the country. And check to see if it still has influence. Then check to see if there are any new influential people in the area. It will divide the area into red and yellow to make new data. It will emphasize fairness to those who no longer have influence. After the case of Kamnan Nok, the village chief, village headman, and local politicians throughout the country must first be examined.

“Influential people with bad behavior There are many forms, some of whom do not have positions but have influence. But some people have so much influence that they can appoint politicians. Must be checked according to the steps. Please everyone stay calm. As for the investigation of influential people in Uthai Thani Province, it has ended. The area has been divided into red and yellow. There is very little red. In the future, inspections will be carried out all over the country,” said the Deputy Minister of Interior.

As for whether or not to reveal the list of influential people, Mr. Chada said he could not reveal the names. Because the law is not like in the past Because there is a law to protect personal information. And if the names are leaked, they may be sued.

When asked again whether justice would be given to those whose names appear or not. The Deputy Minister of Interior said that he was fair and could not hide himself.

As for setting a time frame for red and yellow accounting or not, Mr. Chada said that at present the area of Uthai Thani province has been completed and in many other provinces it has also been completed. The work does not rest with the Ministry of Interior alone. But there are other ministries joining in the work as well. Initially, 20-30% of the information can be collected, which will be expedited as quickly as possible. Please don't pressure the officials to work quickly.

When asked if he was worried that influential people would intervene. The Deputy Minister of Interior asked, "Who will be bigger than me?" and laughed and said "I'm big"

Source: Thai News Agency

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