Secretary of the party Thamham clarified the surname “Suebsaeng”

Bangkok, May 19- "Kanvee" has confirmed that he has never used the name of "Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng" for political benefits. only to be praised as a peacekeeper please don't misunderstand

Mr. Kanvee Suebsaeng, secretary-general of the Tham Party Post a message on a private Facebook page saying that I would like to clarify in the case of news that I am not the grandson of Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng and cause discomfort to the family of Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng.

“I confirm that I never said that I was the direct grandson of Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng. I always said that my grandfather's name was Mr. Mun Suebsaeng. good Model of building peace in Thailand Me as a grandchild has worked for world peace in many countries Therefore respecting Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng's ideology as Suebsaeng's surname, I thought it would be a good idea to use my work experience to build peace in the southern border provinces. Patani peace I apologize if anything makes me uncomfortable. I confirm that I have never used the name of Dr. Charoen Suebsaeng for political gain. only to be honored as a peacekeeper And in the campaign, I mainly focused on the policy of the party as fair, so I would like to clarify so that there will be no misunderstanding.

Source: Thai News Agency

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