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School bus falls into ravine on Highway 304 killing six, injuring 44

Four teachers, two students were killed and 44 others injured when a school bus skidded off Highway 304 and fell into a 30-metre ravine early this morning.

The tragic incident happened at 03.00 am Thursday on Kilometre 208 of the highway from Kabinburi to Nakhon Ratchasima in Nadi district of Prachinburi province.

According to Nadi district police, about 70 students and teachers from Pangtui Pattanasuksa secondary school in Nam Pong district of Khon Kaen were on a school excursion trip to Ao Kungkraben in Chanthaburi.

The bus left Khon Kaen at about 9.00 pm and took Highway 304 from Nakhon Ratchasima to Chanthaburi.

But as the bus was descending the steep hill section near KM 208 of the highway which is a sharp curve with the ravine on the right and steep hill on the left, it developed braking failure.

The bus lost balance, skidded and crashed into the traffic barrier and a high-voltage power pole and plunged into the ravine 30 metres below.

Died on the spot were five students and teachers and 45 others were injured.

Rescue teams arrived shortly afterwards and rushed all the injured to Kabinburi and Nadi hospitals.

One injured teacher was later pronounced dead on arrival at Nadi hospital.

The bus driver was also injured and booked for questioning pending charge of reckless driving.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)