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Safety assurance worked out for upcoming long holiday travels next week

As the New Year holidays are approacing and a million of people are expected to travel out of the capital using public road transport and personal cars, the Royal Thai Police yesterday held a meeting to roll out several measures to ensure safety for travellers.

The meeting was chaired by deputy commissioner Pol Gen Srivara Ransibrahmanakul.

According to Pol Gen Srivara, all safety measures are to be implemented throughout the country, particular in Bangkok and surrounding areas for safety of the public during the New Year Festival when an exodus of people out of the capital is expected from next week.

He also said the police also plan to facilitate motorists and lower road accidents during travelling in this upcoming festive season when the influx of people will travel home in the provinces to celebrate with families.

He said the people are allowed to sit on the rear bed of pick-up trucks.

However, the police will warn them or take a legal action if the drivers drink or passengers sit on the truck bed that risk making accidents.

The senior officer also warned against drink drivers saying their vehicles would be seized.

Besides, the police will enforce safety helmets drastically.

Motorcycle drivers and pillion riders must wear safety helmets, or else the police will seize their vehicles until they return with the safety helmets.

The police said the mandatory helmet law will be fully enforced during the New Year period and will first piloted in the metropolitan areas.

Pol Lt-General Charnthep Sesawej, Metropolitan Police commissioner said police will beef up patrols throughout the holiday season and to crack down on dangerous driving during the seven-day dangerous period, starting on December 28.

At the same time, metropolitan police will launch a campaign to keep watch on houses where owners are out on holiday travels.

House owners can apply to join the campaign, running from Dec 25 to Jan 3.

Frequent patrol to the houses joining the campaign will be made to prevent break-in or robbery which might happen when the houses are unoccupied.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)