Revealing 10 products that tourists flock to buy as souvenirs and souvenirs.

Director-General of the Department of Business Development reveals 10 most popular products that tourists flock to buy as souvenirs, souvenirs, and for personal use after joining hands with 3 Thai international airports, Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, and Don Mueang, opening booths for sale, revealing “Dried and de-seeded sweet tamarind” was the champion, followed by cotton blankets and yellow oil. Total sales over 9 years made more than 634 million baht.

Mr. Thotsapon Thangsuput, Director-General of the Department of Business Development, revealed that over the past nine years, from 2014-2022, the department has brought 2,375 community products from 112 community product entrepreneurs to sell at International Airport 3. Locations include Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, and Don Mueang for tourists to buy back as souvenirs, souvenirs, or for their own use. We continue to work with partners including Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, which supports the area, and King Power Tax Free Company Limited, who Manage stores in the airport Able to generate total sales of more than 630 million baht, divided into Suvarnabhumi 490 million baht, Phuket 119 million baht, and Don Mueang 21 million baht, and in addition to sales channels at the airport, We also select community products for sale through the website. has a total of more than 4 million baht.

The top 10 community products that are most popular with tourists include de-seeded sweet tamarind. Cotton blanket, yellow oil, teak picture frame sequined skirt Cold pressed coconut oil, green balm, silk shawl, herbal shampoo (kaffir lime) and essential reeds. This reflects the popularity of Thai products that are not only beautiful. But it shows an outstanding identity with quality and taste.

“The Department is ready to support community entrepreneurs to have various marketing opportunities. The distribution channel at airports is another channel where the department and partner agencies have jointly selected outstanding community products according to the principles of DBD SMART Local to have the opportunity to expand the market internationally. Including strengthening the knowledge and skills necessary for continuous business operations. To enable community entrepreneurs to keep up with the changes in the business world that occur all the time. Jobs are created, income is created, and people are able to be self-reliant. and affect the overall economy of the country to be strong and grow sustainably,” Mr. Tosapon said.

However, in the past, the Department of Business Development has had an important goal in transforming the development of community entrepreneurs according to the DBD SMART Local guidelines, outstanding products of the area. Local good things By bringing in local wisdom that is unique and valuable. Presented as a community product that has strengths and differences. To create commercial opportunities and connect marketing channels for community products to cover all target groups. By selecting DBD SMART Local community products that have a good image. and market readiness to have the opportunity to sell through various channels, both in modern retail stores international airport and online channels as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

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