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Retailers told to display price tags

As the 'Shop for the Country' campaign launched by the government to stimulate consumer spending during the latter part of the year entered the third day today, the Department of Internal Trade has told all business operators to display price tags on their goods and not to put nearly expired goods on their gift baskets for selling.

Call for cooperation to have business ethics came as large numbers of consumers are taking the opportunity to buy huge numbers of New Year gift baskets to give to respected seniors and friends during the tax break period.

The director-general of the Department of Internal Trade, Mrs Nanthawan Sakuntanak sought cooperation from businesses after making field trip to inspect on wholesalers and retailers to ensure that they were complying with the department's requirement for all New Year gift baskets to have clear price tags attached.

She said this was to give consumers the opportunity to compare prices before buying.

She said the department has specified that products packed into these gift baskets must be of the highest quality and must have at minimum 6 months remaining before their expiry dates.

In addition, she said retailers and wholesalers were also asked to pack white rice packets in these baskets as another way of helping rice farmers.

She stated that all wholesalers and retailers must comply with the department's requirements and should any consumer be dissatisfied with their goods they must be allowed to exchange them for better ones unconditionally.

Meanwhile private operators said the tax break campaign will push up sales.

Pichai Chirathiwat, an executive committee member of Central Group, stated that the government's 'Shop for the Country' campaign has greatly motivated increased consumer spending in the periods leading to the New Year.

He revealed that the most popular products bought by consumers at their stores were electronic appliances, and regular consumer products.

He went on saying that Central Group has accordingly made preparations to ensure that consumers are provided with the greatest convenience while shopping.

Furthermore, major discounts � as much as 70% in some instances; are also being offered which they hope will help to generate huge sales volumes for December, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)