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Repairs of all rail tracks in the South will take about a week

Rail tracks maintenance in all the flood-affected southern provinces will be completed in seven days, State Railways of Thailand governor WutthichartKalayanamit said on Friday.

The governor organized a special train bringing relief materials to help southern flood victims. The train stopped at Thung Song junction which is the farthest that all the south-bound trains can travel to.

MrWutthichart was in the special train to inspect damages to rail tracks. A heavy-duty maintenance car was on Friday brought to Ban Chong Khao in Thung Song district to help in track maintenance.

The governor said that, initially, the SRT would spend about 20 million baht for track repairs. But for long-term solution, 770 million baht will be needed to upgrade rail tracks, he added.

Meanwhile, MrSuksawatSukwanno, director of Nakhon Si Thammarat airport, said that the airport which had been closed for several days due to flooding was due to reopen for normal operations at 6 pm on Friday.

Despite the reopening of the airport, he said he had no idea when airlines would fly to the airport.

Normally, the airport handles 26 flights a day from Thai Lion Air, Nok Air and Thaoi Air Asia.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)