Reminds to send account of the Election Commission within 90 days

Office of the ECT, May 19 - ECT warns candidates for MPs - political parties to report their campaign expenses within 90 days from the election day.

Reporters reported that According to the Election Commission of Thailand (EC) announcement of the Election Commission on determining the amount of expenses for the 2023 MP election, each candidate for constituency-divided MPs must use Paid in the election of MPs in the case of a general election due to the dissolution of parliament The amount is not more than 1,900,000 baht and political parties sending candidates List of MPs must spend in the amount not exceeding 44,000,000 baht

The elections for MPs are now well organized. Candidates for MPs on constituencies and political parties who submit candidates for party-list MPs Accounts for income and expenses must be prepared in the election of MPs. which must consist of all expenses already paid and unpaid Including relevant documents or evidence to be accurate and complete according to the facts. By having candidates for constituencies or political party leaders sign to certify the accuracy and completeness of the income and expense accounts. and submitted to the director of the Provincial Election Commission of Thailand and Bangkok by himself or authorize in writing to another person to submit on their behalf

For a political party, the leader of the political party shall submit an account of income and expenses in the election. Including relevant evidence to be accurate and complete according to the facts to the Secretary-General of the ECT in person or by authorization in writing to another person to submit on his or her behalf. by submitting within 90 days from the date of the election.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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