Registration of informal debt on the 5th, total debt amount 2,793.289 million

The Ministry of Interior reveals the 5th day of registration of informal debt with a total debt amount of 2,793.289 million baht, an increase of 410.293 million baht from yesterday (4 Dec.) 62,030 people have registered, an increase of 7,705. The highest total statistics are still Bangkok with 4,030 cases, Mae Hong Son with the lowest at 78 cases.

Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, revealed that today is the fifth day of opening registration to solve the problem of informal debt. According to information as of 3:30 p.m., there were a total of 62,030 people registered to solve their debt problems outside the system, divided into 58,447 registered online and 3,583 registered at the informal debt resolution center. The total number of creditors was 34,924 with a debt amount of 2,793.289. Million baht

The first 5 areas/provinces are: 1.Bangkok There are 4,030 registered persons, 2,718 creditors, debt amount 239.605 million baht. 2. Nakhon Si Thammarat There are 2,597 people registered, 1,536 creditors, debt amount 105.121 million baht. 3. Songkhla, there are 2,592 people registered, 1,514 creditors, debt amount 134.078 million baht. 4. Nakhon Ratchasima, there are 2,452 people registered, 1,197 creditors, debt amount 115.300 million baht. 5. Chonburi has 1,557 registrants, 851 creditors, debt value 78.604 million baht.

For the provinces with the least number of registrants, the top 5 are: 1. Mae Hong Son has 78 registrants, 41 creditors, debt amount 2.942 million baht. 2. Ranong has 124 registrants, 65 creditors, debt amount 3.984 million baht. 3. Samut Songkhram. There are 176 people registered, 111 creditors, debt amount 5.493 million baht. 4. Trat, there are 188 people registered, 75 creditors, debt amount 3.760 million baht. 5. Singburi, there are 215 people registered, 119 creditors, debt amount 9.035 million baht.

Mr. Suthiphong emphasized that Today, he has instructed provincial governors throughout the country to instruct administrative teams at both provincial administrative offices. and the district administrative office Integrated with the Provincial Police Headquarters Provincial Police Station Area Revenue Office Including a team to resolve informal debt problems in the district/province. Prepare and rehearse solutions to solve the problem of informal debt. along with compiling accurate and complete information In order to have a letter inviting creditors and debtors to meet to review information and enter into the debt reconciliation process.

Mr. Suthipong said at the end that The Ministry of Interior is still accepting registrations for citizens who have suffered from problems with debt outside the system. Both online at Or you can register at the district office. or district offices nationwide You can ask for more details at the Damrongtham Center hotline, call 1567, 24 hours a day.

Source: Thai News Agency