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Prayut approval ratings down in most aspects except “hardworking”

Approval ratings of Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and of his government were down for the first time after two years and six months on the job.

The polling of opinions by Bangkok Poll from respondents on Performances of Government in two and a half years showed his government received 5.83 points from 10 for the satisfaction rating of government performance.

Earlier his government received 6.19 points from previous opinion polls surveyed after two years on the job, and 5.92 points after one and a half year respectively.

Meanwhile polling opinion of Gen Prayut for his performance as the prime minister after two and a half years on the job showed that respondents gave him 7.40 points from 10, down from 7.57 points they gave him during his two years in office.

Bangkok Poll said satisfaction ratings of the prime minister showed declines in all aspects except for hardworking and devotion to resolve national problems.

He received 7.75 points from previous poll that respondents gave him 7.74 points.

Besides, the policy which won most approval from 26% respondents was the corruption crackdown, followed by the registration of the poor and low income earners (17.8%) and the tackling of drug problems (9.9%).

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)