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Police to file human trafficking charge against Chaokhun Ping

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police say they will file human trafficking charge against the former assistant abbot of Wat Saket, Phra Wisutthisasanavithet or known as Chaokhun Ping, if a child he had sexual relation is underage.

Chaokhun Ping, also former secretary of Phra Prommasith, former abbot of Wat Saket, has earlier been defrocked after admitting to have in possession pornographic materials showing he had sexual relationship with a male teenager.

Pol Maj GenKornchai Klaiklueng, the commander of the Anti-trafficking in Persons Division, stated that they were coordinating with the Crime Suppression Division to track down the young man in the pictures found in Chaokhun Ping’s chambers.

He said that he was confident that this would not take too long and if it was found that the young man was under 18 years of age, then the defrocked monk will have to answer for human trafficking charges.

He said the CSD police were inspecting all monks chambers at Wat Saket to determine where Chaokhun Ping or any other monks had got the pornographic material from so that an official action can be taken to address the improper conduct and sexual deviance of Buddhist monks there.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)