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Police hunt for motorcycle gang after bomb was thrown at police station

Metropolitan police are now hunting for a teenage motorcycle gang after a small bomb was thrown at Huey Kwang police station shortly after midnight in what the police described as a daring defiance of law enforcement officers.

Nobody was hurt when a motorcycle with three teenagers riding on it hurled a bomb at the police station and sped off.

The bomb landed on the road in front of the police station and exploded.

The bomb attack at the station was immediately reported to senior police officers and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit.

Blue and orange plastic shrapnels believed to be from toilet cleaner bottles were found scattered around the scene of explosion.

They were all collected by forensic police to find finger prints to hunt down the teenagers perpetrators.

Police said they suspected young motorcycle racing gang might be responsible as they were recently cracked down by police for street racing and drugs.

Huey Kwang acting police chief Pol Vol Arkhom Chantarach said CCTV cameras around the scene captured a motorcycle with three teenagers passing the station and the pillion rider in fatigue then hurled the bomb at the police station.

They didn't intend for lives or injuries as there were no metal objects in the bomb and they didn't cover their faces, he said.

The shrapnels left on the road are plastic parts believed from toilet cleaner bottles, he said.

He said the bomb might be a powerful firecracker as a witness told police that the pillion rider lit the firecracker before lobbing it at the station and exploded after it landed on the ground.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)