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PM refuses to talk with the media, but responds questions in writing

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha gave a press conference on Tuesday by means of writing in response to 11 questions raised by reporters instead of meeting them face-to-face and taking their questions.

Reporters at the Government House said this was not the first time that the prime minister behaved in this way. They assumed that the prime minister might still feel upset with reporters keeping pestering him with the question about his four questions he raised last Friday about the election and the future government.

This time, the 11 questions were sent to the prime minister through his aides before he chaired the weekly cabinet meeting. They were all answered in in his own handwriting.

Before returning to his office to work, a reporter asked the prime minister whether his refusal to meet with the media stemmed from the four questions which he curtly responded: I am not a kid!.

Of the 11 questions sent, one of them was the four questions. He answered that he did not expect to get answers that he would have wished.

Another question was about a recent claim by the Malaysian deputy prime minister that the recent bombing at Phra Mongkutkhlao, the suicide twin bomb in Jakarta and the siege of Marawi City by the Maute terror group were all linked to the Islamic State.

The prime minister answered that there were no IS activities in Thailand but authorities concerned were told to be on the vigilant.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)