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PM orders extensive probe into pipe bomb near subway station

The Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has ordered extensive investigation into the pipe bomb that was retrieved near Thailand Cultural Centre subway station, Col Piyapong Klinphan, spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPOsaid this morning.

He said the prime minister was worried and ordered the extensive probe to see whether it has link with three recent bomb incidents.

Moreover the prime minister has also ordered stepped up intelligence operations and closing in on those suspected persons, he said.

Col Piyapong said that it was still not known it has links pending thorough examination of the pipe bomb if its components and making was similar to the three pipe bombs used at the old Government Lottery Bureau office, the National Theatre, and the Phramongkhutklao hospital.

But the spokesman said that in his personal opinion, it was unlikely that it would link to the three bombings.

It was possible that it might be discarded or thrown away by its owner for fear of arrest as currently security was strict and tightened by authorities.

He asked the public to be stay in calm and allow security officials to probe and find the perpetrators.

The pipe bomb was found among the rubble behind a restaurant close to the MRT's Thailand Cultural Centre subway station.

Earlier a motorcycle taxi driver alerted the police after he came across a suspecious object wrapped in plastic bag while going to catch some fishes there.

He reported seeing several wires sticking out from the ends of a metal pipe covered under a green plastic basket.

Explosive ordnance disposal police were called in and discovered it to be a remote control pipe bomb.

The metal pipe was 8 inches long and four inches wide.

EOD said the pipe bomb was live and therefore they defused it before taken it for thorough forensic examination.

Two city street cleaners told security authorities that they saw two men on a motorcycle arriving at the scene late in the afternoon as it was raining.

The pillion rider went into the rubble for about five minutes and both left on motorcycle.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)