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PM leads fund-raising campaign to help southern flood victims

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha led his cabinet ministers and entertainers in a fund raising event held at the Government House on Sunday night to help southern flood victims.

The prime minister joined the entertainers and cabinet ministers in taking phone calls from members of the public pledging donations in the special TV pool programme, titled Pracharath Joining Together to Help Southern Flood Victims.

He said that the fund-raising event was intended to give moral support to the flood victims in the 12 southern provinces and to share their plight as Thai citizens.

The programme started at 6 pm and ended at 8 pm.

Latest report said that 329,305, 809 baht in donations were pledged by donors. The prime minister himself offered to donate 100,000 baht. The other general donors were Mr Supachai Cheravanont of CP Group, 10 million baht; PTT Public Company, 20 million baht; Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, 20 million baht; ThaiBev Plc, 10 million baht; Transport Ministry, 7.1 million baht; Agriculture Ministry, one million baht; BTS, 5 million baht; Central Group, 3 million baht; Metropolitan Electricity Authority, 4 million baht; Provincial Electricity Authority, 5 million baht; Thai Rice Exporters Association, 1 million baht; and Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, one million baht.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)