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PM gives advice to farmers in Khon Kaen

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha told farmers in Khon Kaen province not to engage in single crop cultivation but should spare some of the farm land to raise cattle and to group together to form a big land plot for large-scale farming.

During his visit to a dairy farm in Khon Kaen on Wednesday, the prime minister said he was glad to see them and would like to give them some advice.

Noting that most of the farmland has no access to irrigation system and faces water shortage, he said farmers in such areas must not rely on farming alone to make a living, especially relying on single crop cultivation.

He said farmers should also spare some land for cattle raising and to put together their farmland to form a huge plot of farmland to engage in large-scale farming to save costs and to sell their farm products themselves without having to depend on the middlemen.

Farmers, he added, should be adapted to global changes, should apply technology in farming and, more importantly, to be self-reliant without having to wait for support or help from the government.

The prime minister told the farmers not to expect his government to write off all their debts because no government will be able to do that. He said he didn't think Section 44 could help solving the debt problem.

He said that the government is committed to help all sectors of the society, not just the farmers or any particular group of people. The best way of help is for all parties concerned to join hands in solving all the problems.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)