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PM complains he cannot do anything due to persistent NGOs’ resistance

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday (Aug 15) pleaded with NGOs not to oppose every development project of the government to the extent that the government is unable to kickstart any project.

He also asked the NGOs to share the concern of the people who are in hardship because they are denied the project which will benefit them but it was opposed to by the NGOs.

Sometimes there must be a klong to drain water our and to retain water. The people have made several proposals. So did the National Statistical Office which proposed a dam to be built. I just don't want to say that it is difficult because we are quarreling with one another � the NGOs say no. But the people are in trouble. So what should I do? said the prime minister.

What can the government do? If a big project cannot be done, we are ready to downsize it. But now, we cannot do anything. And this is democracy which is not right, the prime minister complained.

He, however, insisted that there must be one single board which is in charge of managing water resources throughout the country. He added that the matter is being worked out by Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam in cooperation with the Civil Service Commission and the committee tasked with developing bureaucratic system.

The prime minister admitted that rain is his most concerned problem, citing that the southern region is flooded twice a year and the people there have to repair their houses every time there is a flood.

He noted that rehabilitation of the flooded areas is not a big deal, but what is badly needed is how to prevent the flooding.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)