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PM claims success in arousing public awareness to reject corruption

The government has succeeded in arousing public awareness in rejecting and not tolerating corruption, said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in his nation-wide weekly address Friday night (Dec 8).

He pointed out at the Corruption Situation Index of the Thai Chamber of Commerce University in June this year which showed that 86 percent of the respondents were willing and wanted to be a part of the efforts to fight and prevent corruption.

This, said the prime minister, reflected the success of the government, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the National Anti-Corruption Commission as well as independent organizations in arousing public awareness to reject and not to tolerate corruption.

Thai people no longer tolerate corruption. It is time for Thai people to rise up to protect their rights and those of the country by means of not tolerating corruption and are mindful of the duty to adhere to the law and understand the law, to be ethical and practice sufficiency. They are ready to be good citizens to watch out for corrupt practice and to make Thailand being recognized worldwide. We must help one another, said the prime minister.

On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day on Saturday (Dec 9), he said the government and the NCPO had attached importance to tackling corruption as an urgent and national agenda.

He claimed that the government had taken many steps in its efforts to combat corruption. These include the creation of the National Anti-Corruption Centre and the setting up of a budget committee to consider funding to fight corruption; setting up anti-corruption networks at ministry and provincial levels; make all state units to make assessments of its transparency and ethical practice; and strengthening the manpower of the NACC among others.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)