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PM assures foreign investors of democracy roadmap and national infrastructure projects

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday assured foreign investors of his government's determination to speed up investments in all sectors particularly in the development of the national infrastructure, and its commitment to achieve its democracy roadmap.

He said Thailand would be moving ahead along the roadmap that has been set to have general elections held as soon as possible.

He was speaking to foreign investors at the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand yesterday.

He first recalled his government's effort to look after every aspect of the national economy, saying the country has been plagued in the past by income inequities.

He said the overall focus now is to create greater parity in earnings for every Thai citizen.

This is why the majority of the government's efforts have been targeted at developing domestic economy to enable it to comfortably compete in foreign markets, he said.

To facilitate this, great attempts will also be made to develop greater economic ties with its neighbors in the region in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy.

He then said with this in mind, the country has a great need in attracting foreign investment into the country particularly for the development of the national infrastructure and promoting higher involvement in digital economies.

He said a countrywide internet coverage will be established by 2017.

The government was keen to attract foreign investment in the eastern economic corridor which will be the center for futuristic industries such as Biotechnology, aviation, comprehensive health and medicine and industrial robotics.

He also revealed that the government was investing heavily in transportation systems such as the national dual-rail train network, electric rail network connecting Bangkok to its peripheries, airports and new motorways to accommodate the growth of major cities in the country.

Part of this is to ensure that vital transportation links are established with Thailand's neighbors as well as providing greater convenience for future business dealings, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)