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PM asks Akara Resources not to sue the government for now

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has appealed to the Akara Resources Plc to withhold its plan to sue the Thai government demanding compensation for the recent revocation of the company's gold mining concessions and termination of its operations in Petchabun and Phichit provinces.

The prime minister said Tuesday that the government was merely holding up the mining company's operations while awaiting the enactment of a new mining law which would clear up the problems related to mining activities.

Assuring that the government would be fair to all parties concerned and did not take side with any particular parties, the prime minister said taking the case to the court would be time-consuming.

Akara Resources owned and operated the largest gold mine in Thailand in terms of ore and gold production at Chatree mining complex in Phichit and Petchabun provinces.

The company however was locked in a conflict with local villagers living around the mining complex who charged that its mining operations have threatened the environment, poisoned their water sources and ruined their health.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)