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“Pitha” puts out forest fires with good intentions. Asks whether society accepts “Thaksin” being able to lie.

Parliament, "Rome" protects "Pitha" from extinguishing the Chiang Mai forest fire. It is considered a right - good intentions, hitting back at government MPs who are not playing with their hands and are throwing their feet into the water. It is recommended that the government hurry up and solve the problem. Ask whether society can accept lying about Thaksin's illness after visiting the area and looking healthy. Mr. Rangsiman Rome, list MP for the Progressive Party, addressed the criticism. Visiting the area to extinguish forest fires in Chiang Mai Province by Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat Advisor to the leader of the Forward Party It is an act without political etiquette that it is Mr. Pitha's right to go anywhere. will go to the Chiang Mai area Go help put out forest fires. I thought he had good intentions. It must be acknowledged that Chiang Mai Province and many northern provinces have a lot of dust and smoke, bad air, and hurt tourism. The fact that Mr. Pitha has good intentions to solve problems Try to get ev eryone interested in solving the problem. and causing many parts of the government sector to work together to solve the problem I think there shouldn't be anything wrong. Ready to respond to those who criticize him. "Hands can't play, feet are watery" or it's a lack of manners. He said it's better not to say things like this. He understood that the MPs who said things like this were on the side of the government. Instead of criticizing the opposition It's better to take the time to urge the government to seriously solve the problem. Because the government is not a newbie. It has been in operation for several months now. It's better to use this opportunity to your advantage. If you think that Chiang Mai Being the capital and an important base of the government, please help take care of it. At least the weather must be better. As for the trend of measuring popularity between the Pheu Thai Party and the Kao Klai Party, Mr. Rangsiman said that he is not sure how society views the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister, but personally he was taught from educational institutions that Lying is inappropriate. If it were in Buddhism, it would have to be said that it was against the precepts. And I believe that every religion defines it in this way as well. 'I'm not sure how much Thai society will accept it. When seeing Mr. Thaksin Some days I have a neck splint. Some days there aren't any. Some days the neck cast was removed to reveal. In summary, is Mr. Thaksin a seriously ill person? Or are they sicker than other political prisoners? We must admit that we have not seen any medical documents to confirm this, so we are suspicious,' Mr. Rangsiman said. As for the clarification of government agencies regarding Mr. Thaksin's illness, Mr. Rangsiman Said that such clarification cannot put an end to society's doubts. Ready to give an example from the Pheu Thai Party spokesperson. Came out to announce Mr. Thaksin's condition. that it is a rotten tendon The same is true of the former Minister of Justice. The sou rce stated that Mr. Thaksin had to recover for a long time. But in the end, Mr. Thaksin appeared to be strong in his visits to the area. You can sit and talk with the people waiting to receive you. Therefore, Thai society must ask itself. Don't ask Mr. Thaksin. How acceptable are we to see politicians lie? At the same time, they called for medical documents to confirm the illness. No need to claim that it is personal information. 'I want Mr. Thaksin to come and confirm it himself. And don't say that Mr. Thaksin is no longer involved in politics. Because this visit to the Chiang Mai area was more lively than that of Prime Minister Settha Thavisin, it must be acknowledged that Mr. Thaksin is already extraordinary. Thai society must answer for itself how much it will accept. About lying,' Mr. Rangsiman Said. Source: Thai News Agency