Pickup truck crashes to pieces Many cars were damaged.

Chonburi, Two pickup trucks compete with each other. Before losing control, he crashed into a car parked on the roadside, causing damage to several cars.

Chonburi Dragon Rescue Officer Investigate an accident where several cars collided with each other. In front of Sawadee Market, Phan Thong District, Chonburi Province, where 7 motorcycles were hit, 4 people were injured, so they helped provide first aid. before being transported to the hospital

Chonburi Dragon Rescue Officer Eyewitnesses said there were two pickup trucks, both of which were Isuzu pickup trucks. Racing with a Chevrolet pickup truck at speed, then the Isuzu pickup truck overtook the Chevrolet pickup truck. Then lost control and crashed into a 4-door pickup truck and an Isuzu pickup truck. parked on the side of the road In front of this car, there were another 7 motorcycles parked that were damaged. Condition is completely destroyed.

The driver of the Chevrolet pickup truck received only minor injuries. As for the driver of the Isuzu Dragon pickup truck, which had one passenger riding with him, he was injured. Rescue officials will carefully check the images from nearby CCTV cameras again.

Source: Thai News Agency