“Phumitham” urges all parties to respect the people

Phumitham" urges all parties to respect the people. join the transition The new government according to the system Don't cause a dead end. Be happy to "go far" to be number one.

Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Party posted on Facebook that Cooperate to change the government, stating that the election results reflect the desire of the majority of the country's people to see change. and wants the country to return to democracy as soon as possible

Although the result of the election this time, the Pheu Thai Party was entrusted to be in second place. But I recognize that this is a victory for the people. It was another victory for the democratic side. This is an important step in the journey of working together to change. And bring Thailand out of the black hole of the problems that we have suffered for 8-9 years, which is a time when we have to help each other to strengthen the country and make hopes for the lives of the people come true.

The vote of the people's brothers and sisters is a clear intent to give power to the democratic political party to run the country. Become a companion with the people in solving problems.

In this situation, he thinks All sectors involved should take this opportunity to work together. Facilitate the transition of the government between the old and the new. according to the system-based transformation mechanism By respecting the authority and consensus for the political parties chosen by the people. and make the process of moving towards democracy smooth Not entering a dead end situation can't go on

Mr. Phumtham also congratulated MP candidates from all political parties who have been entrusted by the people to become members of the House of Representatives. And congratulations to the Progressive Party for being elected as number one. As we are part of the important mechanisms of democracy. I hope that every part of the political machine will respect the voice of the people and work together to protect the interests of the people. Let's hope this change is not a matter of changing the person but a commitment to return to the well-being. Return rights and hopes to the people's brothers and sisters. The important thing is that the democratic party still has many missions to do in the long term. As promised.

Source: Thai News Agency

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