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Phra Paisal offers advice on Dhammakaya saga

The desirable solution to the current standoff at Wat Dhammakaya is for Phra Dhammachayo to surrender to face charges against him and the authorities must give him bail and ensure that he will be given a fair trial, said Phra Paisal Visalo, the abbot of Wat Pa Sukato, in his interview with Post Today.

However, the high-respectable monk admitted he didn't know Phra Dhammachayo would turn himself in or not because the latter is afraid that he will be defrocked once he turns himself in.

Also, he noted that there is no mutual trust between the monks and the authorities and, hence, he had no idea how this conflict would end.

Phra Paisal stressed the importance that both sides must avoid violence. Whatever will happen, there must be no violence, he said.

The respectable monk suggested that the siege of the temple by the authorities must end quickly in a peaceful manner which means that there must be cooperation from the temple. But if there is resistance, the confrontation will drag on for a while, he said.

Phra Paisal further said that appointing a new abbot for Wat Dhammakaya will not resolve the conflict unless the issue about Dhammachayo is resolved first otherwise the new abbot cannot do anything.

Also, appointing someone closely connected to Dhammakaya will not resolve any problem either, said the respectable monk.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)