Pheu Thai ready to support children to drink milk from school for 365 days until Grade 3

Saraburi, March 25- "Srettha" sits at the head of the table and listens to the problems of the Muak Lek Dairy Cooperative Group. Shout if Pheu Thai is the government moving forward to open a new market to sell milk Ready to encourage children to drink school milk 365 days until Grade 3

At 3:30 p.m. on March 25 in Saraburi Province, M.D. Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Chairman of the Advisor to the head of the Pheu Thai family. and advisor to the economic committee, Pheu Thai Party, Mr. Chakrapong Saengmanee, party registrar, along with Ms. Khanithanan Thiamprasert, Mr. Atthaphon Wongprayoon, Ms. Siriphatchara Jungteerapanich and Mr. Boonsong Kerdlum, Pheu Thai Party MP candidates for Saraburi, meet with the Muak Lek Dairy Cooperative, Muak Lek District, Saraburi Province.

The representative of the cooperative group stated that raising dairy cows is a royal occupation. But nowadays, many farmers have stopped raising them due to disease problems such as HFMD and Lumpyskill, as well as the raw material price not in line with the selling price. When the milk is sold and then deducted from the cost, whether it is the cost of feed for cattle. Or other production costs, and farmers get almost nothing. If Pheu Thai is the government, please help control the price of animal feed for farmers first. The next problem is Today, farmers cannot compete with big companies which are private companies. Ask for a quota to produce less milk cartons. making it impossible for farmers to sell raw milk even though we have enough raw milk Any remaining milk that is not produced must be discarded. Or sold below cost, so if Pheu Thai enters the government, asks to increase school milk consumption to 365 days and encourage children to consume milk from the original until grade 6 to high school. 3 or not. Another important issue is School milk quotas are never distributed. but is controlled by the Department of Livestock Development I would like the Pheu Thai Party to solve this problem. In addition, ask the Party to take care of people who grow crops to feed animals, for example, possibly reducing taxes for animal feed traders, etc. milk price so that farmers can live first

The representative of the cooperative group also stated that the milk powder that replaces the ready-to-drink carton milk is another problem here, there will be import control. and the use of powdered milk or not In order to increase the demand for raw milk Because the quality of powdered milk is not equal to raw milk. while beef cattle Today, beef is sold at a very low price. Cattle farmers have no money to buy food. But when they sell the cows, they don't get the price again. Therefore, I would like to leave a message about semen, which is an indicator of the quality of dairy cows. A lot of wild semen is coming in today. While Thailand does not have any agency to take care of and check semen quality to control the quality of dairy cows as well Finally, the most important issue is Villagers are addicted to the problem of arable land. Especially the land that is the PDR land that has changed hands to make a living without changing the name from the original owner who made a request causing a lot of problems.

Dr. Chon Nan said that what everyone has presented is Pheu Thai Party. We collect all problems. The Pheu Thai Party has a policy that aims to take care of their lives in the big picture. which covers the subject that you have reflected on We think systematically. Your life must be better. Agricultural income in any sector must increase 3 times in the 4 years that we enter the government. We will use the lead market concept. and use additional innovations to increase revenue for each sector We also have an idea to generate new income for farmers.

Mr. Srettha said that the problem of dairy cows was a new problem. When looking at the economic problems of good supply, it can be solved, for example, to encourage higher domestic milk consumption. And negotiating milk sales with foreign countries to open up new markets. However, these matters take time, so this is a long-term plan. But short-term plans have to move the price of milk is higher. or lower costs We have to make Thailand have food security, both human food and animal feed. We have to make farmers produce more products. The price per rai will be higher. because he sells more As for disease, we must have protection. and plans to cope We need a budget and strengthening the capacity of vaccines to deal with disease. As for the proposal to extend school milk to milk for 365 days, we definitely do and it's clear to extend the age range for students to drink milk.

After that, the Pheu Thai Party joined together to pour raw milk that the farmers had delivered to be sold further. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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