Petition to investigate a fraudulent rubber glove company investing a loss of 500-600 million

April 7 – Victims report to the Central Investigation Bureau. Please check a rubber glove company in Rayong province to deceive investors to buy shares. Damage value 500-600 million baht

The victim filed a complaint with the Central Investigation Bureau requesting to investigate a rubber glove company in Rayong province in case of circumstances persuading investors to buy more shares. to bring the company back into the stock market After being in the stock market But later the name was removed.

by deceiving investors to buy more and more shares and promised that the company could be listed on the stock exchange, but was delayed for many years There are also situations in which the income of the company is transferred to various nominee companies. until the company loses

In addition, a team of lawyers and victims also examined the information and found that there were 8 executives of the company who jointly set up a nominee to buy shares. In order to add value and embezzle the company's income. Causing now many victims The damage value is 500-600 million baht.

Source: Thai News Agency

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