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“Permanent Secretary of Labour” Leads “Eyes of Labour” Network in Announcement of Intent to Combat Anti-Corruption

The Permanent Secretary of Labour led the Eyes of Labour to announce the intention to combine and improve the power of collaboration between the public and people sectors to prevent and monitor all levels of anti-corruption from Thai society.

On December 11, 2018, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Jarin Chakkaphark, presided over the opening ceremony of a project to support and create public participation in anti-corruption called "Eyes of Labour", and declare the intention of the "Ministry of Labour joining forces to fight corruption". The event took place at the Adriatic Palace Hotel Bangkok, saying the government has set anti-corruption efforts as a national agenda, to be excelled and accelerated, to raise awareness among the people and combat corruption in all forms. It also aims to create a network of public participation, an important mechanism for raising awareness in prevention, sustainably combat corruption, raise awareness in preserving national interest and stop corruption that may occur in the area. Currently, Thailand has implemented anti-corruption initiatives by using mechanisms of the National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Phase 3 (20182021) under the Zero Tolerance & Clean Thailand vision.

The government has also sought to improve and strengthen anti-corruption mechanisms and has formed anti-corruption measures in all dimension. It is evident that the National Strategic Plan (2018-2537) has set the strategy for balancing and developing the governmental management system to encourage people and other parties in society to cooperate in preventing corruption and misbehavior.

Mr. Jarin said that the Ministry of Labour has formed a program to support and build public participation in the fight against corruption. The "Eyes of Labour" network is a new dimension to jointly develop cooperation and integration between the public and people sector in preventing and monitoring anti-corruption at all levels; it is not intended to just punish the perpetrator of corruption alone, as corruption can cause a loss of budget and delay the prosperity of the country, including its credibility and honour in the eyes of foreigners. When participating networks have been trained in this, he said it would help to work together to create a nation and virtue to solve problems and eliminate corruption from Thai society.

Source: Ministry of Labour