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Pattaya taxi drivers encircle suspected Uber taxi

A female car driver and her Chinese client were yesterday surrounded by 20 Pattaya taxi drivers after she was suspected to be an "Uber" taxi driver.

But before the argument escalated, police arrived after being alerted, and brought both parties to Pattaya police station where a settlement was reached peacefully.

Pattaya police said they were alerted of a traffic jam on the road to Balihai Bay after some 20 taxi drivers used their taxies to block a car and prevent it to leave.

When police questioned the taxi drivers, they were told that they were trying to apprehend a Uber taxi driver who was driving a client to a hotel in Pattaya.

The taxi drivers said they earlier chased the a car in bid to stop it, but the female driver refused to stop, forcing them to block the car with their taxi cars, thus causing traffic jam.

The suspected Uber taxi driver Ms Suphanee Thampitak denied the charges saying she just drove her client to see his foreign employer in Pattaya.

Police said that they didn't file any charge on both sides as they could reach understanding, but added they have to report the incident to Land Transport officials in Pattaya for further investigation.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)