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Pattaya begins campaign to wipe out rats on beaches

In an effort to keep the image of Pattaya as a world class tourist destination, Pattaya City is now taking serious on growing rat population.

Action from the City came after complaints that a lot rats are seen on the beaches and thus affecting the image of the city's clean beaches.

But there are several alternatives to exterminate the rats in a humane way or brutal choice.

After taking into consideration of the brutal alternative..the use of poisons, local authorities feared their carcasses could pose disgusting smells as they could go everywhere before dying and thus scare away tourists.

They decide to use non-lethal wire cages instead.

Now they have placed over 50 wire cages at various places of business operators on the beaches from Central Pattaya to South Pattaya.

But to avoid unpleasant sighting by tourists visiting the beaches, local authorities said they placed the cages at night instead.

All these cages will be collected at dawn or before traders will open their services or before the tourists will arrive.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)