“Paniphak” cheated death and won the A.C.-A.L.P. gold medal.

Look back at cheating death of "Nong Tennis" who won the gold medal at the 2022 Asian Games in a very dramatic way. This is the second time after having done this before in the Olympic Games.

Yesterday, in the women's taekwondo weight class up to 49 kg, the final round. Asian Games battle "Nong Tennis" Panipak Wongpattanakij, female kicker for the Thai national team The 2020 Olympic Games gold medalist and former champion came back to defeat 23-year-old host athlete Ching Guo in the third round with a score of 12-6, including a 2-1 win in the round, winning the gold medal.

Defending the championship this time It was difficult and dramatic, especially in the 3rd round, when Ching Guo led 6-0, Panipak's armor had problems until Ching Guo's score broke through and led 23-0 before Thailand. Protest and change the island And came back to win successfully in the last 1 minute 8 seconds, where Tennis showed form and scored from 4 head kicks. This was not the first time that "Nong Tennis" cheated death and came back to win the gold medal. Because previously in the 2020 Olympic Games, Nong Tennis had already done this after falling behind Spanish kicker Adriana Cerezo Iglesias. In the third round of the finals, "Nong Tennis" was trailing 9-10 with the last 7 seconds remaining, but Panipak kicked to score and came back to win 11-10 in dramatic fashion. Won the gold medal at the 2020 Olympic Games after winning the gold medal at the recent Asian Games by cheating death. This morning, Nong Tennis posted her own TikTok, thanking everyone for their support. and opened his heart after he was able to overcome hell and cheat death to win the gold medal.

While Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, stated that he was both very happy and pleased with 'Nong Tennis Panipak Wongpattanakit' who won the first gold medal for Thailand. From the Taekwondo competition In the 19th Asian Games, the Hangzhou Games, the determination and dedication of both athletes must be admired. and coaches who practice hard. Importantly, 'Tennis' is also the first Thai national taekwondo athlete to win gold medals at the Asian Games 2 times in a row. And he is the 6th taekwondo athlete in the history of the Asian Games to do this. This is another good news that brings smiles to us, Thai people all over the country. .

Source: Thai News Agency