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Open for screening for “TB” taxi drivers – buses

Suvarnabhumi Airport, April 7 - Department of Disease Control in collaboration with the World Health Organization and Suvarnabhumi Airport. organize a screening project for tuberculosis patients taxi, van and bus drivers as a Songkran festival gift Ready to suggest that people with tuberculosis can be cured. Please hurry to check for tuberculosis as soon as possible. for quick access to treatment

Today (April 7, 2023) at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Dr. Taret Krassaniyawiwong Director General Department of Disease Control along with Dr. Apichart Wachiraphan, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, Mr. Sorapetch Klangsri, Director of Transportation Management. Suvarnabhumi Airport Jointly opened the campaign "Yes! Together We can End TB on World TB Day 2023" on World TB Day 2023, in which the lung X-ray service was provided by a mobile digital X-ray vehicle. Sputum examination service using molecular techniques at the molecular level health checkup, blood pressure measurement Measure body mass index (BMI) and others. There is an exhibition booth to educate the public free of charge.

Dr. Tares said that tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is still a major public health problem around the world and Thailand. According to the World Health Organization, Thailand is among the 30 countries with the highest tuberculosis problem in the world. It is estimated that Thailand has approximately 103,000 new tuberculosis cases per year and more than 12,000 deaths per year. Public bus drivers are another group at risk of contracting tuberculosis. from passengers who are sick with tuberculosis which public bus especially in Bangkok that must transport passengers circulating all the time There is a chance of getting TB without knowing it. or a passenger with tuberculosis in the car. Coughing or sneezing can cause TB bacteria to come out. and circulating in cars, especially air-conditioned cars New drivers or passengers who are not sick with tuberculosis There is a risk of getting TB into the body.

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health As a government agency responsible for direct implementation of policies has always been aware of and given importance to the tuberculosis problem There are plans and activities to push forward the policy. Prevention, care, treatment and control of tuberculosis in the country to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate from tuberculosis which the operation will not be successful If there is no cooperation from network partners All sectors, both public and private sectors, all levels of operations. Both in the central and regional From the time of the outbreak of COVID-19 three years ago We work hard to both prevent COVID-19 and control and prevent tuberculosis. until success

Dr. Palin Kamolwat, Director of the Tuberculosis Division added that As a result of the recent International Tuberculosis Day 2023, the Tuberculosis Division, Department of Disease Control, foresees the health of public transport drivers. Therefore, together with the World Health Organization in Thailand and Suvarnabhumi Airport Along with various network partners, organized an activity "End Tuberculosis, Together We Can Do It" on the occasion of the International Tuberculosis Day 2023 with the objectives as a gift during the Songkran Festival or Thai New Year's Day Screening and searching for tuberculosis patients proactively for public bus drivers taxi driver brothers and interested citizens brought into the standard treatment process Reduce the spread of tuberculosis and transfer knowledge. communicate risks Appropriate health behavior modification as well as creating a wave of cooperation among all sectors in the network in the prevention and control of tuberculosis

The Department of Disease Control recommends that "tuberculosis is known early, can be cured, not spread" by asking people to quickly detect TB as soon as possible. for quick access to treatment which tuberculosis can be cured If you know you get sick with tuberculosis sooner and can heal quickly can reduce the spread of infection to others and to observe the symptoms of tuberculosis Starting with a chronic cough for more than 2 weeks, low-grade fever in the afternoon, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Please hurry to see a doctor in the hospital. or a public health facility near home for quick diagnosis and treatment People can ask for more information at the Tuberculosis Division at tel. 0 2211 2224 or the Department of Disease Control hotline at 1422 .-Thai News Agency.

Source: Thai News Agency