One more person has been charged with involvement in the UEFA gambling website network.

DSI, DSI charges one more person accused of online gambling website UEFA. After finding connections to billions in circulating money Found to be a group network that accepts users to sell and open sub-urls of the UEFA network.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Suriya Singhamon, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, revealed that from the DSI He issued a press conference to arrest Mr. Pakpoom. financial manager for the UFA online gambling website network last week, causing Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthasakditat Contacted to meet with special case investigators. Narcotics Crime Division Because they fear that they will be issued an arrest warrant by the DSI.

The special investigation team, Special Case No. 8/2023, has therefore reported rights and filed charges of jointly organizing electronic gambling without permission. and work together to launder money The accused refused. Do not ask for a lawyer to listen to the investigation and ask for a denial of all charges. by asking for clarification later

From the expansion after the arrest of Mr. Pakpoom Top-level executive of the UFA gambling website network (UEFA), which is one of the three largest online gambling websites in the Thai gambling website network. and has expanded the results from linked evidence from users who are agents who open websites at the lower level. From Mr. Pakpoom, who has 50 groups, 1 of them is Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthasakditat. The DSI expanded the results by finding money lines linked to Ms. Chaba's account, who had previously had to find 10 accounts related to drug trafficking networks and other groups that were nominee accounts of the UEFA network. Total turnover 1 billion baht

Today, Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthasakditat He could only come in and reveal himself to the investigating officer, which as of today, Mr. Natthasakthat An arrest warrant has not yet been issued. and when he came to show himself to the investigating officer Therefore, there is still no detention today. But the DSI made an appointment to come in and explain next time.

Director General of the DSI Provide additional information: After arresting Mr. Phakpoom DSI expanded its results from the first group that found more than 80 horse accounts managed by Mr. Pakpoom, of which 50 horse accounts belonged to foreign employees. And it will be seen that in the lower group that must pay a percentage fee for using UEFA Users, amounting to 3% of the total monthly income, which Police Lieutenant Natthasakditat It will be in this group that accepts users for sale. Open the URL and whatever income you earn, 3% will be deducted and forwarded to the horse account group of the UEFA network. The situation involved transferring money to 10 accounts in a group of more than 80 accounts. DSI believes that there are still many people who have committed crimes in the agent level group that receives users from UEFA. They will expand the results of all arrests.

As for Mr. Pakpoom Those previously arrested are believed to be upper-level executives and important figures. But there may be others involved who are at the same level. The results are being expanded because some money was found to have been transferred abroad. Therefore, it is believed that some of this network's assets are located abroad.

As for the operation of sending letters to freeze money in more than 80 horse accounts, during the past week one bank contacted us, which had more than 10 accounts with a total amount of money that could be frozen approximately 50 million baht. And from the investigation, it was found that Many agents have fled their homes and some have fled abroad. From the night of Mr. Pakpoom's arrest, the special investigation team will request approval for an arrest warrant.

Source: Thai News Agency