‘Okaju’ submits filing to raise funds to be listed on the stock exchange.

Bangkok, "Growing Vegetables Because I Love Mother" Public Company Limited, in which OR holds 20 percent of shares, filed a registration statement (Filing) with the SEC Office to offer IPO shares in the amount not exceeding 159. Millions of shares ready to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Mr. Chalakorn Ekachaipattanakul (Wu), Chief Executive Officer of Growing Vegetables Because We Love Mother Public Company Limited (the "Company" or "OKJ"), revealed that the Company is a food service and distribution business operator. Healthy drinks and products Under the concept of 'Be Organic from Farm to Table', they started their business from inspiration (Passion) together with Mr. Jirayut Phuwapoonphon (Jo) and Mr. Woradej Suchaibunsiri (Tong), who are Fellow co-founder Who wanted to create organic products from growing general garden vegetables and some salad vegetables to eat as a family under the slogan "Grow vegetables because you love your mother" before expanding to operating an organic vegeta ble cultivation business. To deliver products free from toxic chemicals and chemical residues The company therefore adheres to the main ideology of growing vegetables using organic farming in a natural way by designing and managing farms that do not rely on any chemicals while taking into account the land, produce, ecosystem, family and community. Through the creation of 100% organic products so that everyone can eat organic and healthy food. and join hands with partner PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR) by holding 20% ??of the shares, helping the company Can create opportunities for growth and going to the next level. Ready to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand Mr. Pichet Sithi-Amnuai, Managing Director Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited, as a financial advisor, said that PCL grows vegetables because it loves its mother. Submitted an application for permission to offer securities and a draft registration form for securities offering (filing form) to the SEC Office in order to issue and offer IPO shares in an amount not exceeding 159 million shares, or equivalent to not more than 26.1 percent of the total issued and paid-up common shares of the Company After this issuance and offering of additional common shares The money will be used from fundraising this time. to use to expand branches Increase business potential and competitiveness To further develop sustainable business operations. Source: Thai News Agency