OIC-EV Association brakes to increase electric car insurance premiums

Thai Electric Vehicle Association Electric car camp, OIC, and the Thai Insurance Brokers Association Discuss brakes on electric vehicle insurance premiums After insurance premiums for electric cars are higher than combustion cars. And the battery warranty increases the insurance premium.

Thai Electric Vehicle Association brings representatives from 8 electric car companies Discuss with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and the Thai Insurance Brokers Association. To find a solution to the problem of electric vehicle insurance premiums, which are 20-30% higher than general internal combustion vehicles, as well as exchange technical information on different types of batteries. In case of accidental damage in order to prevent problems with misdiagnosing the problem This will result in the decision to replace the whole set of batteries. And will result in the compensation rate of electric cars higher than reality To protect the rights of consumers in insurance.

Mr. Krisada Utamote, president of the Thai Electric Vehicle Association, said that the meeting had reached an agreement that during this period electric vehicle insurance companies would maintain premium prices. without additional insurance premiums Although the compensation rate of electric cars is much higher than that of internal combustion cars.

Source: Thai News Agency

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