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Officials intercept a parcel containing 1,000 ya baa pills

Police, local officials and military personnel in Ranong province have intercepted a postal parcel containing 1,000 methamphitamine tablets mailed to a man in Kaper district.

The officials went to the house of Mr Pradit Sureerum, in Village 1, Tambon Ban Na who was named as the addressee to look for him, but were told by his mother that he had been kicked out of the house several days ago.

The officials then decided to open up the parcel in the presence of Pradit's mother and other family members. In the parcel, they found five black and green plastic bags inside which there were 1,000 methamphetamine tablets.

A police official said police had information that drug traffickers had resorted to an online application to buy or sell illicit drugs and money would be wired to the bank account of the sellers via a bank's application.

Then the drugs ordered would be mailed to the buyers through a delivery company.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)