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Nonthaburi’s tax invoice forgery firm busted

The proprietor of a construction materials trading company in Nonthaburi was arrested by revenue officials and police for allegedly forging tax invoices for sale, causing damage to the state about one billion baht in lost taxes.

Revenue department chief Prasong Poonthanet said Monday that it had taken revenue officials about four months in collecting evidences before they raided the construction materials trading firm in Nonthaburi on September 8.

He said that the proprietor used the construction materials trading firm as just a front as the core business of his firm was to sell forged tax invoices to unscrupulous traders or contractors who wanted to avoid paying taxes or to pay less taxes to the Revenue Department by claiming that they had additional costs.

He added taxmen would track down traders who used the fake tax invoices, numbering about 500, including five big companies.

Users of the fake tax invoices are liable to pay the taxes evaded plus a fine twice the amount of the taxes evaded with an addition of 1.5 percent/month on top of the taxes owed to the state. They are also liable to imprisonment from three months up to seven years for tax evasion plus a fine from 2,000 to 200,000 baht.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)